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Tax Resolution Services

America's Hometown Tax Service, LLC - Tax ConsultantIf you're facing a mountain of personal or business tax debt that the IRS is pressuring you to pay, there are viable solutions available that will enable you to settle your tax debt without having to incur financial hardship. IRS tax problems can seem overwhelming when you're confronted with them, but fortunately, you do not have to sit idly by while your tax issues get worse. My tax help firm, America's Hometown Tax Service, LLC, has the experience and the credentials to provide you with the tax resolution options you need to clear up your tax problems and get on with your life. If you need tax debt relief and are ready to take charge of your tax issues right away, call or e-mail me, Jeffrey Simpson, for a free one-hour consultation. With over 25 years of experience helping clients obtain tax settlements with federal and state agencies, I have the background and record of success to help you overcome whatever IRS problems or tax issues you're dealing with.

Tax Settlement Negotiations/Installment Agreements

As an Enrolled Agent licensed by the federal government, I am authorized to represent you before the IRS and state tax agencies. With additional credentials from the American Taxation Association as an Accredited Tax Advisor®, I have the specialized training and practical experience to negotiate a mutually acceptable tax settlement with the government on your behalf. This translates into arranging a payment schedule you can handle, consisting of reasonable installments that will fit into your personal or business budget. Having a seasoned Enrolled Agent on your side to represent you and your best interests will enable you to obtain the best available tax settlement for your situation.

Offers in Compromise

America's Hometown Tax Service, LLC - Gavel on moneyYou may be eligible for what's referred to as an offer in compromise with the IRS, a process that may allow you to reduce the total amount of money you owe the federal government. I will work directly with you to formulate an offer in compromise, which, simply put, is a proposal of a reduced amount that you could realistically pay. The IRS will seriously consider an offer in compromise if they agree that it is the most they could collect within a reasonable period of time. With my help and consultation, you will be able to submit a compelling offer in compromise that can position you to obtain the kind of tax settlement you need.

Innocent Spouse Relief Claims

If you're in a situation in which your spouse (or ex-spouse) erroneously reported or omitted items on your joint tax return, there is an IRS procedure that can partially or fully relieve you from having to pay the owed taxes, interest, and penalties. E-mail or call me to determine if you may be eligible for an innocent spouse relief claim. If so, I will meticulously prepare the forms and documentation required to be considered for this type of tax debt relief and work with you to provide the substantiation that's required for a successful application.

Payroll Tax Resolution

For one reason or another, businesses sometimes run into problems with IRS payroll issues. When that happens, you need the help of a seasoned tax resolution specialist who is familiar with proven remedies for addressing these complications. I have extensive experience working with clients to resolve IRS payroll issues and can help you get your IRS tax problems under control. I will diligently work on your behalf to negotiate a solution that is acceptable to both you and the government.

Penalty Abatement

Part of the tax help I can provide involves the reduction or elimination of penalties that have been imposed on you. If you're behind on your taxes or you need to file back taxes, you're already facing enough of a challenge; penalties only make that uphill battle more difficult. I have the expertise and familiarity with IRS problems and tax codes to help you with penalty abatement settlements and to provide the necessary assistance to resolve your tax issues in the most efficient and expedient way possible.

Appealing IRS Liens/Levy Collections

As an Enrolled Agent and Accredited Tax Advisor® with over 25 years' experience as a tax consultant, I can work with you to effectively appeal IRS liens and levy collections. If your tax problems have reached this level of complexity, you need the type of professional tax help that only an experienced tax adviser can provide. Whether you're confronted by excessive business tax debt or other tax issues, e-mail or call America's Hometown Tax Service, LLC, today to discuss the tax help I can provide to resolve your IRS tax problems.

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