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IRS Tax Settlement

America's Hometown Tax Service, LLC - Gavel on moneyWith an outstanding tax liability weighing you down, it can be practically impossible to make any financial headway. In fact, until you’ve dealt with your burdensome tax debt and hammered out a plan for an IRS settlement, you can only expect your economic situation to deteriorate, not improve, as interest and penalties continue to accrue. So what is a strapped taxpayer or business owner to do? Well, IRS tax settlements are far from easy to achieve and almost always demand the attention of a professional tax advocate. So before you set foot in the minefield of federal tax settlement, make certain you have me, Jeffrey Simpson, in your corner to help you execute an effective strategy for favorable tax resolution. 

The truth is, you have options when it comes to tax settlement. As owner of America’s Hometown Tax Service, LLC, for 22+ years, I can help you exercise those options to obtain either partial tax debt reduction or complete IRS debt forgiveness. Whatever form of relief your tax obligations call for, be it installment agreements, innocent spouse claims, or even offers in compromise, leave it to me to help you coordinate every aspect of your tax settlement, from submitting complex forms and meeting onerous filing deadlines to deciphering intricate tax codes and avoiding procedural pitfalls. Whatever the amount of back taxes you owe, I can work with you to establish a viable payback plan and put you on a path to a satisfactory tax settlement.

Offers in Compromise 

An offer in compromise could be the ideal solution to your tax debt problems. This special agreement between you and the IRS allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the amount you actually owe, but only if you cannot cover your entire tax liability or if doing so would create a genuine financial hardship. While an offer in compromise can result in a significant tax debt reduction and could even eliminate your tax debt altogether, it is one of the most difficult settlements to receive and should only be conducted with the counsel of a seasoned tax advocate such as myself. Call America’s Hometown Tax Service, LLC, today to schedule your free one-hour consultation. It could be just the jump-start you need to lighten your tax debt reduction woes and renew your hope for a successful IRS tax settlement. 

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