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IRS Tax Penalties

Without question, underpaying your taxes or filing a delinquent return can land you in hot water with the IRS. But that’s nothing compared to the countless fees and fines you could face for failing to comply with the tax codes and letting the situation reach the boiling point. As a licensed Enrolled Agent who has been advising taxpayers for more than two decades, I’m all too familiar with the more than 140 income tax penalties the IRS can throw at you and how they can be combined and compounded to make your life a virtual nightmare. So before your situation rockets from bad to worst, allow America's Hometown Tax Service, LLC, to help you limit your losses with workable solutions to IRS tax penalties. From negotiating an IRS installment agreement to resolving an IRS tax lien, I can provide the step-by-step guidance you need no matter what type of tax penalty or repayment tactic you’re facing, including:

After 25 years at the helm of America’s Hometown Tax Service, LLC, I understand the circumstances that can lead to tax debt. More importantly, whatever your reasons for being in arrears, I know what needs to be done when tax penalties have been incurred. So don’t make your financial situation any worse than it is already. From looming IRS garnishment and tax liens to impending summons and seizures, trust me to help allay your worries and get you back on the road to IRS tax relief.  

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